Tphp? What Is It And Why Are People Concerned?

TPHP is Triphenyl phosphate, and recently it was discovered that health concerns surround it. It has been reported that this chemical, when absorbed in the human body, affects hormones and can have effects such as obesity and early puberty. While used in many materials, there is a lot of panic surrounding nail polish in particular. For years, TPHP has been a popular ingredient for nail polish manufacturers as it acts as a flame retardant as well as a plasticizer, providing strength and flexibility to the nail. The question still floats around as to how serious this should be taken. REST ASSURED, our nail colors and all but one of our nail treatments are 5 free, and DO NOT CONTAIN TPHP. This one treatment is our Super Dry Topcoat. We left this as one of our products because it is simply one of the best Topcoats on the market. Well aware of concerns, however, we have recently introduced our 5FREE QUICK DRY. While not as strong and as quick drying as our Super Dry formula, our 5 free quick dry is still a top of the line product, and contains no TPHP. Please reference this article we read and leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts on this topic!

*Custom colors may contain TPHP, please talk to a sales associate with any concerns about current or future products.

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